Entering the world of a primate blog

Having finished my final week of taught lectures for the Primate Conservation MSc, and whilst preparing to present research at the Primate Society of Great Britain spring meeting due to begin in just two days time, and with a return trip to the field rapidly approaching around the corner, today is the day-the calm before the storm. And as such, today is the day I shall take some time and set up a blog, a blog by a human-primate about the vast intricacies and issues of the lives of our non-human primate cousins, a blog which I hope will detail my journey so far in the field of primatology and animal welfare science.

Having considered starting a blog for the past two years, and never seeming to have enough time in the day, I began to slowly realise that my personal Facebook was becoming over-run with snippets of primate-related facts, updates and opinion pieces which really warranted a little more time…and a willing audience rather than my begrudging friends, many of whom are probably sick to death with my enthusiasm for the monkeys and apes in my life.

As a traveller, student, researcher, scientist and wannabe-farmer, I hope to give an insight into my world-one which is predominated by non-human primates. I don’t have interests for marriage, starting a family, house furnishings or popular culture, I don’t own a television (I never have) and I feel most at home in the company of animals and research. I think my voice is best heard on a blog, for other like-minded people, the lost wanderers of this world.


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