A primate in Oxford

Studying a Masters in Oxford is quite an experience, as is I can imagine studying your under-grad here too. I often get asked what it’s like to study and live in Oxford, as it’s reputation is one of the elite. Oxford is lovely, I had unfortunately been rather limited in my accessibility to most of it, as I have been so busy with university work that to wonder by the river and through the city¬†has been somewhat of a luxury.Nevertheless, when these rare opportunities arise, it was always with pleasure.

Firstly the architecture is astounding, I love old buildings and classical shapes and so seeing it all from different angles and different perspectives is quite thrilling to me. The Bodlien Library is possibly the best place I have been to, and I regret to say I have not used it enough (being quite far from my house restricts me as I have to come home earlier than I would like to let out the dog). The countryside surrounding the city has become our second home, spending all the time we can at the weekends walking the dog in different woodlands and trying to get lost-I think the countryside of Oxford is just as special as the buildings, churches and libraries but maybe less recognised as so. All this being said, it is the most expensive place I have ever struggled to live in, and so this fairy-tale location comes at a rather stressful price-but instead of rambling on about the pros and cons of studying and living in Oxford, I thought some pictures may explain it far more appropriately.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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