Thoughts of a primate packing for the field

The other day I read that the average person moves house 8 times in their life-time. I guess I must be the outlier, it’s become so frequent I actually keep the boxes on hand as I never know when I’ll need them at short notice.

Now I am not a bad tenant or anything! I just seem to go with the ebb and flow of a rather manic life, in the short-I get bored easily and I am also poor, it is far easier for me to pack up and go volunteering for free bed and board and then deal with the shit storm of finding a place to live with a decrepit dog when I get back rather than to pay rent for somewhere I won’t use for months at a time. Yes, coming home to your own place, your own bed and your own sheets is nice-but it’s become a rather expensive luxury-plus an air bed or sofa does just fine after spending months sleeping in all sorts of places in all sorts of conditions. Just being in a house where the insects can’t kill you is enough.

So in two weeks time I head off to Mexico for the next part of my primate journey-to return to the sanctuary and set my plan into motion-to build my enclosure designs, set up new monkey social groups, coordinate my team of volunteers and collect observational behavioural data throughout.

Oxford has been fun, but I am really looking forward to getting stuck back in, to tackle the 98% humidity, 49 degree heat, mosquito plagues, bugs that lay maggots under your skin, being covered in monkey poo and drenched in my own sweat.

I can’t wait!


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